Welcome Summer!

Why is it important to learn English in summer? Because the best season to visit new places is summer, and everyone loves travelling around the world.

What are the most popular places to travel to where we can learn English?

Cambridge (UK):
Why is it one of the best cities to learn English? Due to many experts state that it’s the city where people speak the best English in the United Kingdom and moreover, they have a high cultural level.

Adelaide (Australia):
Why is it one of the best cities in the world to learn English? Less known than Sydney or Melbourne, Adelaide is a great Australian city, one of the most cosmopolitan and multicultural cities in the country. Immersion is easier due to the scarce presence of Spanish-speaking students.

New York:
It’s a big city so you will have to speak English all the time, and it’s a stunning city to discover, as you have the opportunity of going sightseeing places such as theStatue of Liberty, Central Park, the Empire State Building, Times Square and so on.

The capital of Ireland is the city of the country with the highest number of academies and courses, respected for their quality teaching. You will also have more opportunities to combine your studies with work, and to practice with students from all over the world.

That’s the favourite destination for the English during the summer holidays. This fact in itself already ensures that you will be able to practice your English with people from all over the country. But it is not the only advantage that this city has: cheaper prices compared to those of the capital (and only a few minutes away), a lot of activities to do and the possibility of enjoying one of the best beaches in all of Britain.

What is your favourite city? Which one would you visit this summer?


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